Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Little Christmas Knitting


YEA! I've finished the Hawkeye socks. Let's reveal the recipient - Paul Graves. Paul is my sister-in-law's father who's been battling skin cancer. Although I don't know him very well, he seems to be a tough ol'bird with never ending strength. Here's to you Paul, a pair of socks. It's not much but I thought it might brighten his day and warm his feet. Thankfully, I'm sure Paul has never held a pair of knitting needles so maybe he won't notice that the socks, although close in color do not actually match. One is WAY more orange than gold. ANYWAY, I'm happy to have those babies off the needles and on to something else. (Jen, I'll give them to Johanna to bring with her on Sat.)
I happen to have one more skein of the Hawkeye sock yarn. Anyone interested in a pair of socks - they'd have to be either small or very short, maybe anklets? Any takers?

Here's my other Christmas projects, some finished in July, some just a few days ago. The small blanket and 'yoga' leg warmers. In the middle of my knitting the leg warmers Sarah told me that she'd just gone to her last class. Sarah, you'd better have signed up for another class! Notice the barely noticeable stripes in those leg warmers. I was pleased with how they turned out, they're soft, warm, and ready for the downward dog.

What's next? The Noro scarf. Can't wait to see that baby start to stripe...again, not sure of where it will make its home upon completion.
That's all, gotta knit. Oh yea, and early, New Year's Resolutions? 2008 is the year of color, 2 color knitting for me and better knitting photos - I'm going to work on the lighting issue. The new 'green' light bulbs suck, they're just not bright enough.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good knit. HA!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Morn'

Hey bloggers (that's how Rosie opens her talkie blogs, Susan B. Anderson opens with 'hey knitters'). Thanks for sharin'.

ANYWAY, I have new knitting news. I've finished 4 of the 6 Cy Sweaters - yea! I've also completed a hat and matching mittens. They're made, loosely, from the same pattern as the ISU mittens. They're for my neighbor Jenny - hope she's not reading this blog so that I can surprise her. Here's a photo.The mittens have the same cable as the hat - you just can't see it very well in the picture.
I'm now going to finish the green cardigan and then I'll be working on some leg warmers - yes leg warmers. It's funny but, they were the first thing I made, when I re-took-up knitting. I was a freshman in high school and although I knew how to knit, I'd never used DPNs and Jane helped me. She was very patient whilst in the midst of getting her MBA and raising 3 kids. ANYWAY, they were navy blue, acrylic and I wish I still had them.
The new leg warmers, or leggins, as I've seen them called on blogsites, will be made from a soft black, self striping yarn. I have to frog a hat that was too big and get going. The best part is, I don't have to buy any yarn. I'm having new project jitters - can't wait to start.
Hey to the 'knights'. Hope that cabled mitten is going well. I'm expecting a photo. Kudos to you for giving it the ol'college try.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dotting the I(s) and Crossing the T(s)

Today is Will's birthday so we had a little party this morning (and a trip to CoCo Key this past weekend). He's 5 and quite the little guitar player. Here's my first try at a movie from my camera. Click on it to start it and don't wait for the audio, as there is none. Not quite sure if my camera is capable of it - I'll check that out. The movie really needs sound - so I've checked the camera. Sound not available. Sorry.

I'm trying to close up a few projects before the holidays, and before the holiday knitting sets in.

Here's what I've been up to. I've finished blocking and seaming the black boxers for Sarah, they seem a little large so I'm waiting on for her to try them on before I decide what to do, buttons? waistband? frog?

Now what I have the critical information that I need to complete the sleeves of the green cardigan, I'm back on it. It won't take long - might even be done before Christmas.

I've been asked by a certain someone to knit 6 more 'Cy Sweaters'. Now that's a doable number, no waking up first thing with a fear of not getting a sweater done in the next 24hrs.

I've also come to own a few skeins of Lorna's Laces sock yarn in BEE. I'd rather it be called Hawkeye, but BEE is okay. Can't wait to get those babies casted on. I'm not sure who the recipient will be - that will come to me as I knit them.

Oh yea, and I finished one sock on size 2 DPNs. I love them, but they may be a tad too small. Oh well.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 07 Knitting

Hello all, or hello few I should say. I mostly update this blog for myself. I love the combination of knitting, writing, and photos. Recently, I've been in a knitting groove lately. I've made 2 children's sweaters, a matching hat, 2 navy blue shrugs (one short sleeved/one long - no photo YET), a hat with ear flaps, and a pair of mittens. WOW. All this AND from yarn I had in the yarn closet.

I bought a new book, 2 Socks on 2 Circulars. It teaches you how to do just that. Knit 2 socks at the same time on 2 circular needles. No more SSS (second sock syndrome). I say BS, AND WTF. This 'method' is a pain in the butt. I could have made a whole drawer full of socks by now. I was constantly fighting the needles - PITA. I've since moved those socks, yea the dull, boring gray ones to DPNs, the cute little 5 inchers that I bought not too long ago.

The sweaters were for a my friend's niece. I made the first one - oops - too big, and made the next one the next day. The pattern was free off the Internet and easy as pie, and fast. I gave the other to another special one year old on her bday. So they fit a 6-9mo old and a 1 yr old. The hat was from Itty Bitty Hats, basic rolled edge hat with a 'Marly' topper. Super easy.

I made the navy shrugs for Cece and her best friend from school. Cece's was short sleeved and Emma wanted long sleeves. I made them based on the pink/orange sweater construction but made them without a pattern. They're done in LionBrand Thick and Quick - again easy and fast.

Evans hat with ear flaps is made from the same yarn. The pattern for it was from DIY From Knitty Gritty - a fun show to watch while napping!

The mittens are for Biddy's knitting pal. She sent the yarn and "never wanted to see it again". It was in a bit of a...tangle. The pattern that I used was from an old holiday knitting magazine I dug up. They look good from far away. I found some mistakes, but they'll still be warm. They cemented my hatred for 'fu-fu' yarn.

Since I'm rather wordy today, I'll just close by telling what's up next on the needles. I'm going to go into a finishing stage. Finish the gray socks, finish the black underwear? boxers? And then push into the Christmas season, oh the variegated greens and reds...barf.

Maybe a little more sock knitting to come. I figure it's about time I knit up something in the ol' alma mater's colors.

It's almost Halloween so I've also included a few photos of the youngins. Cute huh?

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sarah E (ala Rosie fame) sent me the PEACE t-shirt. I normally would not post a photo of myself, but I'm throwing caution to the wind, and here it is. Sarah H got her's from Sarah E too and we're sending the photo for a chance to have it posted on Rosie's blog. Here it is. No comment other than that.Except notice the Hawkeye colors! Thank you ALL for remembering this old gal, Dave, Mom/Dad, Biddy, Johanna, Sarah, Kristin, Jane, Sam/Sarah E. I had a great b-day and treated myself to an IPod Touch and some yarn (not a lot). I also had a few celebratory cocktails. Again, thank you.

I have finally finished all of the Cy sweaters. It's been a long time coming and feels great to be done, and to be sending good'ol ISU the bill.

Here's a photo of less than 1/3 of the finished product. Thank you G-Juli for sewing the monograms. Unfortunately, the sewing machine broke and is in need of a repair, sorry.

On to a little knitting . . . I had the pleasure of attending Biddys Knitting Knight. She holds class at her kitchen table (handmade by Rich). Her students have 3-ring binders, come with their homework done, and are an enthusiastic bunch of knitters. Hi Susie. Hi Sherry. You're all on your way to being great knitters! Keep up the good work.
I'm going to make a baby sweater and matching hat, then 2 matching shrugs for Cece and her friend Emma. I'm off now to fold clothes and find the perfect pattern for that perfect yarn.
See ya - and Happy Birthday Lily O.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

For Michele

Here's the baby socks and hat for Michele. I'll send her address via e-mail. This little project was a great break from the ever-on-the-DPNs Cy sweaters.

I couldn't help but include a photo of the new baby bamboos - they are so cute. I used them for the socks - great choice.

In case you're wondering about the white background? It the metal lawn chair outside, probably not the best choice.

Short and Sweet.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back Into the Swing of Things

Catholic school, uniforms, first day of school photos taken outside when everyone is squinting. Priceless.

We're getting back to the 'back to school' routine - sort of. Evan is playing soccer and Cece and Will play micro soccer. We're busy and enjoying it.

The Lowe's visited during the Labor Day weekend. We had a good time. Biddy and I did a little yarn shopping and came upon many a good deal. At least that's what we told Tom and Dave. What they don't know . . .

I've been trying, without much satisfaction, to rearrange my 'yarn closet'. I think I need professional help. Bottom line, I have too much yarn and too little space to store it in. Maybe when Evan moves to college I'll take over his room, that may be enough space. Maybe.

I'll post a few photos - various ones, not much on the knitting needles except those ISU sweaters. They're coming along.

Cece's sixth celebration (say that 5 times fast). Her birthday was great. Thank you all for the gifts - until you're more formally thanked by Cece herself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


WTF who's Ed anyway. Get a life. Surfing knitting blogs? L O S E R. (Ed left a nasty comment)

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Short Note

Hey there - here's a Meez from check it out. They have an animated one that would show me knitting in Times Square, but like anything it's not free. So use your imagination.
Off to pick up Evan from school. More later

Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer 2007

So we're finally back to school, at least Evan is. I'm hoping to start updating the blog site more often now that I'll have a little more time to myself.

So here it is in a nut shell. We've had a great summer, tons of swimming (thank you Muzzy), a couple of short, weekend trips and a last minute hurrah at the Iowa State Fair. It should not be missed, never, go every year. The corndogs and the knitting exhibit are worth the price of admission.

Knitting? Well, I haven't been very productive with all the going's on this summer. I finished the shrug/bolero for Kristin. It turned out good except a little on the short side. I also finished 6 of the 35 Cy sweaters. Lord, I really need to get on those babies. Oh yea, and I've been working on a little som'in som'in for Sarah for Christmas. I cannot reveal just yet.

I haven't bought much (insert yarn here) lately. Trying to hold out. I did get a new book, Knitting from the Heart. I love everything in it. All easy and colorful. Can't wait to get going on some of those projects.

Next on the needles? Finish up that gift for Sarah, Cy sweaters (forever), maybe some felting. I'm thinking slippers galore (oh yea, I bought some wool roving to needle felt with). Hey, it was on sale.

Now what you've all been waiting for. Photos.

This is the finished product, bad photo, meant to show the pink flowes with 'bling'.

And a few stitch markers. They were so easy, Cece and I made them one afternoon. I was obsessed at the craft store finding just the right beads etc. I can see how beading can become an obsession. Look for the little yarn/needle charm. Perfect.

Here's the finished shrug/bolero. Again, a bad photo. I MUST work on the photography. Really. I 'wrapped' it on a Vera Bradly, padded hanger, black with maroon print. It looked nice on the hanger. Missed the photo op.

So here's a few misc photos. Evan's 8th birthday. One word. Heeley's. Our trip to St. Louis, and the state fair. Hi Lily.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

JULY 11th

Just a note to tell of a few projects that I can cross of my list. I've finished frogging the RL sweater from the Goodwill. WOW what a project. I would not recommend it for anyone unless it's the last cotton yarn on the planet. WTF was I thinking?

I've almost finished the shrug. I only have to block it and sew the side seams. It turned out okay, but I'll never use Debbie Bliss Cathay again. Twisted sister. I finally solved the problem, while finishing the ribbing, by placing two rubber bands around the skein so that I could drop it to untwist it every few yards - or every yard.

Photos to follow soon.

New projects on the horizon - more ISU sweaters, and after that I'm undecided. I'm still working on more dishclothes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Cotton/Fiery Bolero

Here's more dish cloths - for a woman that I work with. Well, her mother actually. They're from the Mason Dixon book, easy and fun to make.

Here's the first skein (of 5) on the Fiery Bolero. It's going well, the pattern in pretty easy but the yarn twists on itself and it's kind of a pain the @#$. It looks good to the non-knitter. It's a gift for Kristin.

Here's a sweater that I bought at Goodwill for $3.50. I'm frogging it, now that's a lot of cotton (Ralph Lauren) for just over 3 bucks. AND a lot of work. The sleeves were easy, but the front and back were made as one piece and it's a little more challenging. More photos to follow.

A little non-knitter's note - Evan went to soccer camp at Creighton this past week. He loved it (and it gave me LOTS of knitting time). Cece and Will had to amuse themselves and they played on the Bluejay and rode bikes in their new 'sneaks'. Couldn't resist a cute photo.

Sorry - turn your head here - it's still cute.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nuttin' But Cotton and Flowers

Here's the long awaited pics from NYC. We must of course start with a knitting photo. Here's to adding to the stash . . . see anything you like (biddy)? The black is already spoken for - a shrug for Kristin.

And a few of the flowers from the city.

and a great photo of sarah and justin.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I haven't updated in a while so here's a few pictures. Not so much narrative - no time.
a few dish rags for sarah, a recipient of a lot of my knitting (too kind to turn it down)and don't 'ya love the photo!

This little sweater is so darn cute. Here's another shot, the color is off.

Here's the same shrug and hat (sans roses) made for a girl at work for here baby girl's baptism. Cute huh?

And a hat, with a sweater (photo to come) for Kate's baby boy.

Later I'll update with photos from NYC. What a great trip. I'd like to give a shout out to 3 great traveling companions, Sarah, Kristin and Justin. You'll also get to look at the yarn I picked up on the upper west side, Yarn Company. You'll be waiting on pins and needles until then...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter No. 2

Sorry, messed up the last blog - it ended too soon. Here's the picture of the shrug and also a photo of a baby kimono from MDK so cute. I made it for a girl at work, she loved it. It was knit with Sugar 'N Cream, super easy,and embellished with ribbon and some velcro to hold the inside closed. Off to knit a hat with a cute wreath of flowers around the brim.

And not to be forgotten, the shrug.