Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer 2007

So we're finally back to school, at least Evan is. I'm hoping to start updating the blog site more often now that I'll have a little more time to myself.

So here it is in a nut shell. We've had a great summer, tons of swimming (thank you Muzzy), a couple of short, weekend trips and a last minute hurrah at the Iowa State Fair. It should not be missed, never, go every year. The corndogs and the knitting exhibit are worth the price of admission.

Knitting? Well, I haven't been very productive with all the going's on this summer. I finished the shrug/bolero for Kristin. It turned out good except a little on the short side. I also finished 6 of the 35 Cy sweaters. Lord, I really need to get on those babies. Oh yea, and I've been working on a little som'in som'in for Sarah for Christmas. I cannot reveal just yet.

I haven't bought much (insert yarn here) lately. Trying to hold out. I did get a new book, Knitting from the Heart. I love everything in it. All easy and colorful. Can't wait to get going on some of those projects.

Next on the needles? Finish up that gift for Sarah, Cy sweaters (forever), maybe some felting. I'm thinking slippers galore (oh yea, I bought some wool roving to needle felt with). Hey, it was on sale.

Now what you've all been waiting for. Photos.

This is the finished product, bad photo, meant to show the pink flowes with 'bling'.

And a few stitch markers. They were so easy, Cece and I made them one afternoon. I was obsessed at the craft store finding just the right beads etc. I can see how beading can become an obsession. Look for the little yarn/needle charm. Perfect.

Here's the finished shrug/bolero. Again, a bad photo. I MUST work on the photography. Really. I 'wrapped' it on a Vera Bradly, padded hanger, black with maroon print. It looked nice on the hanger. Missed the photo op.

So here's a few misc photos. Evan's 8th birthday. One word. Heeley's. Our trip to St. Louis, and the state fair. Hi Lily.

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