Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Morn'

Hey bloggers (that's how Rosie opens her talkie blogs, Susan B. Anderson opens with 'hey knitters'). Thanks for sharin'.

ANYWAY, I have new knitting news. I've finished 4 of the 6 Cy Sweaters - yea! I've also completed a hat and matching mittens. They're made, loosely, from the same pattern as the ISU mittens. They're for my neighbor Jenny - hope she's not reading this blog so that I can surprise her. Here's a photo.The mittens have the same cable as the hat - you just can't see it very well in the picture.
I'm now going to finish the green cardigan and then I'll be working on some leg warmers - yes leg warmers. It's funny but, they were the first thing I made, when I re-took-up knitting. I was a freshman in high school and although I knew how to knit, I'd never used DPNs and Jane helped me. She was very patient whilst in the midst of getting her MBA and raising 3 kids. ANYWAY, they were navy blue, acrylic and I wish I still had them.
The new leg warmers, or leggins, as I've seen them called on blogsites, will be made from a soft black, self striping yarn. I have to frog a hat that was too big and get going. The best part is, I don't have to buy any yarn. I'm having new project jitters - can't wait to start.
Hey to the 'knights'. Hope that cabled mitten is going well. I'm expecting a photo. Kudos to you for giving it the ol'college try.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dotting the I(s) and Crossing the T(s)

Today is Will's birthday so we had a little party this morning (and a trip to CoCo Key this past weekend). He's 5 and quite the little guitar player. Here's my first try at a movie from my camera. Click on it to start it and don't wait for the audio, as there is none. Not quite sure if my camera is capable of it - I'll check that out. The movie really needs sound - so I've checked the camera. Sound not available. Sorry.

I'm trying to close up a few projects before the holidays, and before the holiday knitting sets in.

Here's what I've been up to. I've finished blocking and seaming the black boxers for Sarah, they seem a little large so I'm waiting on for her to try them on before I decide what to do, buttons? waistband? frog?

Now what I have the critical information that I need to complete the sleeves of the green cardigan, I'm back on it. It won't take long - might even be done before Christmas.

I've been asked by a certain someone to knit 6 more 'Cy Sweaters'. Now that's a doable number, no waking up first thing with a fear of not getting a sweater done in the next 24hrs.

I've also come to own a few skeins of Lorna's Laces sock yarn in BEE. I'd rather it be called Hawkeye, but BEE is okay. Can't wait to get those babies casted on. I'm not sure who the recipient will be - that will come to me as I knit them.

Oh yea, and I finished one sock on size 2 DPNs. I love them, but they may be a tad too small. Oh well.