Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Madness

All I have to say about the NCAA tournament is GO DRAKE! My dad used to follow Drake back in the day, and who doesn't remember Dolph Polliam from 1-2-3! ... that's how elementary it's 'gonna be...
I've finished a few things lately. The weather is getting better and this might be my last push before the knitting mojo is gone.

These are a nice cotton-y socks for Kristin - I hope they fit. They seem a little small,as I suppose they should be, for my size 10ish foot. They're super soft and made from Comfort - a yarn I now love. They're a basic, top down, 3x1 ribbed sock with nothing fancy. That toe up sock was too much for me. I did use a size 3, 11" circular needle - it was fantastic.
Okay, project number 2 is a baby Giacomo hat for Sarah's friend's brother's baby boy (poor grammar, I'm sure). It was knit up in one night using some left over Falk yarn and a few odd skeins from KnitPicks, Wool of the Andes. It's cute and was simple. I may try a larger version and some baby, thumb-less mittens to match.

Next up a photo of the Inga hat that I finished. I love the colors the pattern and the process (which I'm much better at now having watched a tut on knitting with 2 hands).

Anyway, the only thing I don't like is the fact that the hat is too long, too tall. Next time I'm going to take a few rounds off the bottom for a shorter, better fitting hat. I loved the braid and used it on the very next hat, the Center Square hat from Knitty Winter 2006.

It was a joy, made with double strands of a worsted weight yarn, nothing note worthy. I made it while the rest of the family watched an incredibly long, Pirates of the Caribbean. It's for Cece but unfortunately, it too is a little small. Next time I must remember to add some extra room for that ponytail! Here it is, I incorporated the braid from the Inga hat. It was even shorter before I picked up the cast on stitches and made a short ribbing. I think it needs a pom-pom/pon? but Cece says no.
Next up? More ISU sweaters, but with a different top-down pattern that must be perfected. After that, (in no particular order) Kristin's Pumpkin Sweater,White Witch Mittens, felted clogs/slippers,more hats, those unpaired socks x 2, Christmas stockings x 2, and the Must Have Cardigan. Wow that seems like a tall order - good thing I love to knit.
Thanks for taking the time to check this blog out.
p.s. after adding that photo of Dolph, I thought, wow - how does Dolph Polliam end up on a mostly-knitting blog. 'Ya never know.