Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Madness

All I have to say about the NCAA tournament is GO DRAKE! My dad used to follow Drake back in the day, and who doesn't remember Dolph Polliam from 1-2-3! ... that's how elementary it's 'gonna be...
I've finished a few things lately. The weather is getting better and this might be my last push before the knitting mojo is gone.

These are a nice cotton-y socks for Kristin - I hope they fit. They seem a little small,as I suppose they should be, for my size 10ish foot. They're super soft and made from Comfort - a yarn I now love. They're a basic, top down, 3x1 ribbed sock with nothing fancy. That toe up sock was too much for me. I did use a size 3, 11" circular needle - it was fantastic.
Okay, project number 2 is a baby Giacomo hat for Sarah's friend's brother's baby boy (poor grammar, I'm sure). It was knit up in one night using some left over Falk yarn and a few odd skeins from KnitPicks, Wool of the Andes. It's cute and was simple. I may try a larger version and some baby, thumb-less mittens to match.

Next up a photo of the Inga hat that I finished. I love the colors the pattern and the process (which I'm much better at now having watched a tut on knitting with 2 hands).

Anyway, the only thing I don't like is the fact that the hat is too long, too tall. Next time I'm going to take a few rounds off the bottom for a shorter, better fitting hat. I loved the braid and used it on the very next hat, the Center Square hat from Knitty Winter 2006.

It was a joy, made with double strands of a worsted weight yarn, nothing note worthy. I made it while the rest of the family watched an incredibly long, Pirates of the Caribbean. It's for Cece but unfortunately, it too is a little small. Next time I must remember to add some extra room for that ponytail! Here it is, I incorporated the braid from the Inga hat. It was even shorter before I picked up the cast on stitches and made a short ribbing. I think it needs a pom-pom/pon? but Cece says no.
Next up? More ISU sweaters, but with a different top-down pattern that must be perfected. After that, (in no particular order) Kristin's Pumpkin Sweater,White Witch Mittens, felted clogs/slippers,more hats, those unpaired socks x 2, Christmas stockings x 2, and the Must Have Cardigan. Wow that seems like a tall order - good thing I love to knit.
Thanks for taking the time to check this blog out.
p.s. after adding that photo of Dolph, I thought, wow - how does Dolph Polliam end up on a mostly-knitting blog. 'Ya never know.


Biddy said...

all I can say is WOW! if only I could knit as fast as you



Anonymous said...

Aim Dog - Showing Michele @work your site. Michele says that you should knit American Girl Doll 'stuff' and sell it on EBay.


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Digital Leaf said...

Pirates of the Caribbean is a great movie to knit to, then you don't feel like you completely wasted 3ish hours. Also, you might want to make an afterthought button hole to fit your pony tail thru the hat:-)