Friday, January 11, 2008


Oh yea, and I forgot to add...I finished the Noro striped scarf. My photos don't do it justice, nothing like Jared from brooklyntweed. I think I really liked the photos of his scarf more than the scarf itself. Oh well, live and learn. The process of hunting down those four skeins of yarn was fun, it was a quest. I only used 2 skeins, so I think I'll make some fake fair isle hats with the left overs.

And since I'm confessing, I also broke down and bought 8 more skeins of Noro to make and felt some Christmas stockings for Joe and Claire as a wedding gift.

So my 'no yarn purchases until Feb' has been busted. But it was on sale, 20% off, couldn't pass it up.


Friday Update

Since I've last updated the blogsite, I've completed another pair of leg warmers. I made them for Sarah's very tall friend, Fran. Hope she like's them. They look just like Sarah's only 'a few rounds' longer.

I also made these

Cece got a new coat, in MY current, favorite, mint-chip colors. I made them with my two-color knitting in mind. It's pretty simple 2 color knitting, but 2 color non the less. I even made a cute little picot edge around the wrist. I watched Susan B. Anderson's tut and it was super easy.

Next on the needles? MY mint-chip socks and some felted slippers for some of the girls at work.

Until the next post. Keep at it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here's To a Colorful New Year

Hello all. I've had a few 'good' knitting days lately. A few projects actually started and completed. I had three days off from work and Dave was home so that meant that I could spend some quality time with the ol'knitting needles. I made a hat, 2 bibs, and one sock. Here's the photos.
More to follow - and as promised, 08 is the year of 2 color knitting.