Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Other, Small FOs

Here's a few pics of the projects that I finished over the weekend - a lot of soccer equals a lot of knitting.
A Better Bucket hat, not quite finished, still needs a button, or a band, or something.
These are ISU Christmas ornaments/gift tags - whatever - I'm going to 'pitch' them to Kristin and try to sell them to ISU. I'll make them with engineering monograms like the little sweaters.

I've started a BYOB (check Ravelry) for Evan's teacher. My mission is to make 3 to that I can use them for Christmas presents for all the teachers. That's my plan. I'm using up some Cotton Ease, 10 skeins to be exact, all in St. James' colors.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Clara Dress

Here's the story behind the Clara Dress. I saw this little dress (in the Soak ad) as I was leafing through a knitting magazine at work. That is to say my old job - - certainly not this new gig. ANYWAY, one of the nurses saw it and asked who I was going to make it for, my reply was that I didn't really have anyone in mind (as is true for a lot of the baby knitting that I do) she said she'd buy the pattern/yarn and I could make it for her new granddaughter. So I was suitably hooked up. She ordered it, delivered it to me and presto. The Clara Dress was born. It was challenging, required much frogging, and much concentration, it wasn't TV knitting. It turned out great, those of you who knit, may notice a few small boo-boos near the bottom center. I'm considering making it again in a baby yellow with cotton yarn so that it looks more like the Soak ad itself. Enough. Photos.
And a close up - check out that gift tag/washing instructions, cute huh? I snagged it from a fellow raveler. This photo shows the true color, a nice celery?
AND I've completed all the ISU sweaters. AND I'm working on dishclothes and the "Better Bucket Hat" with my new-favorite yarn, Malabrigo. YUM.