Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter No. 2

Sorry, messed up the last blog - it ended too soon. Here's the picture of the shrug and also a photo of a baby kimono from MDK so cute. I made it for a girl at work, she loved it. It was knit with Sugar 'N Cream, super easy,and embellished with ribbon and some velcro to hold the inside closed. Off to knit a hat with a cute wreath of flowers around the brim.

And not to be forgotten, the shrug.

We're back from our Easter visit. Thank you to all of you who put us up over the weekend, Sarah, Dick & Jen, Jim & Julie, and Biddy & Tom. The house is somewhat back in order and the laundry is done so it's time to blog.
First let me show a picture of Sarah's Easter eggs. She was inspired by Martha. The process was fun and they turned out great. Everyone keep your eyes open for silk ties for next year.

Next let me share some of the newest knitting projects. I made Ann a pair of slippers for her birthday and I just completed the baby shrug from Debbie Bliss' book, Simply Baby. Love the pattern and the Lionbrand Cotton Ease that it's made with. Here's the photos.