Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Misc FOs

Here's a quickie - a bunch of photos of finished objects.
This is Daisy, a cotton ease sweater - I love it. It was fast and turned out very cute. I made it for a nurse at work to give to her new granddaughter.

(sorry for the blur in the photo - must have had a smeared lens)
These are ballband dishcloths - made for another co-worker. Her kitchen is red, white and blue. They constitute mindless knitting and they turned out nicely.

Here's Cece's new anklets - they were made during the first 3 days of swimming lessons. They're cute but they don't stretch much.

Next up - a book that I won on a fellow knitters blog. I won by guessing the amount of change in a dish - I guessed $54.20. I'm reading it now. Sorry, too lazy to go back and rotate the photo - I'm sure you get the picture. I think Biddy and I met this author in MPLS at the Knit-Out.

I've been on quite a yarn buying spree lately - I can't even begin to count how much cotton ease I've bought. (Something like 42 skeins - wow - when you put a number to it . . .) ANYWAY, I bought some and it arrived vacuum sealed. Here it is without air.

And with air.

This is the beginning of a Christmas stocking. It's only one of four skeins to knit to complete it. I'm done with it now and have yet to felt it. I've started on the other one, I'm about 1/2 way done with it. I'll felt them at the same time and show photos on the next blog.

I'm ending with my favorite photo (supplied by another baseball parent) of Evan. His Farm 8 team, the Black Sox are headed into the tournament as the number one seed - for the second year in a row I might add. He's quite the utility player, even got to pitch to 3 batters, struck 2 out and threw a home run ball. Not bad. Notice that crazy hair - it's since been cut (thank you Pauly).

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where are you comin' from...

Here it is, Will's Spiderman blanket. It was a challenging knit and I'm glad that I stuck it out (numerous emails to the designer, corrections to the pattern, ordering more yarn, using multiple circulars) and completed it. It's a nice blanket, even if it is all bunched up under Will's bed.

The photo is on our mauve carpet so the colors are off just a bit. It was made from cotton ease and the black is something else from my stash (purchased in NYC=Gotham City). I really thought that this project would help deplete the stash - nope I have more now than ever with 21 new skeins of CE on the way! God help me.

Okay, I finished the dishcloths too! Here's a photo - bad one. Cece helped in the picture taking. They turned out nicely too. I just got some self-stripping cotton for a few more.

There are 27 of those babies - each one different (for the most part - I got kind of lazy at the end).

I've completed the little Daisy sweater - working on the buttons now. It's soooo cute! I've also completed 4 of the 25 ISU sweaters and I've picked Kristin's pumpkin sweater back up and I'm hoping to have it done so that I can give it to her this Friday. We're making a trip to Adel, IA for some sort of fiber fest. Spinners, dyers, and SELLERS of indie yarn. Lord help Biddy.
I almost forgot to post a photo of Erin's Math Hat. If you can't tell it has the Pi symbol and it's never repeating 3.141517 (or something like that). It's red with pink numbers but the pink is very light and looks like white. Again, I give it the knitter's "Oh well". Hope she likes it anyway. I actually made it twice. I finished the entire hat, then took off the ribbing, redid it, took off the top and redid it. I like it much better on the second go-round. I'm going to mail it tomorrow.

Evan is the model. He was thrilled.