Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Little Christmas Knitting


YEA! I've finished the Hawkeye socks. Let's reveal the recipient - Paul Graves. Paul is my sister-in-law's father who's been battling skin cancer. Although I don't know him very well, he seems to be a tough ol'bird with never ending strength. Here's to you Paul, a pair of socks. It's not much but I thought it might brighten his day and warm his feet. Thankfully, I'm sure Paul has never held a pair of knitting needles so maybe he won't notice that the socks, although close in color do not actually match. One is WAY more orange than gold. ANYWAY, I'm happy to have those babies off the needles and on to something else. (Jen, I'll give them to Johanna to bring with her on Sat.)
I happen to have one more skein of the Hawkeye sock yarn. Anyone interested in a pair of socks - they'd have to be either small or very short, maybe anklets? Any takers?

Here's my other Christmas projects, some finished in July, some just a few days ago. The small blanket and 'yoga' leg warmers. In the middle of my knitting the leg warmers Sarah told me that she'd just gone to her last class. Sarah, you'd better have signed up for another class! Notice the barely noticeable stripes in those leg warmers. I was pleased with how they turned out, they're soft, warm, and ready for the downward dog.

What's next? The Noro scarf. Can't wait to see that baby start to stripe...again, not sure of where it will make its home upon completion.
That's all, gotta knit. Oh yea, and early, New Year's Resolutions? 2008 is the year of color, 2 color knitting for me and better knitting photos - I'm going to work on the lighting issue. The new 'green' light bulbs suck, they're just not bright enough.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good knit. HA!