Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Morn'

Hey bloggers (that's how Rosie opens her talkie blogs, Susan B. Anderson opens with 'hey knitters'). Thanks for sharin'.

ANYWAY, I have new knitting news. I've finished 4 of the 6 Cy Sweaters - yea! I've also completed a hat and matching mittens. They're made, loosely, from the same pattern as the ISU mittens. They're for my neighbor Jenny - hope she's not reading this blog so that I can surprise her. Here's a photo.The mittens have the same cable as the hat - you just can't see it very well in the picture.
I'm now going to finish the green cardigan and then I'll be working on some leg warmers - yes leg warmers. It's funny but, they were the first thing I made, when I re-took-up knitting. I was a freshman in high school and although I knew how to knit, I'd never used DPNs and Jane helped me. She was very patient whilst in the midst of getting her MBA and raising 3 kids. ANYWAY, they were navy blue, acrylic and I wish I still had them.
The new leg warmers, or leggins, as I've seen them called on blogsites, will be made from a soft black, self striping yarn. I have to frog a hat that was too big and get going. The best part is, I don't have to buy any yarn. I'm having new project jitters - can't wait to start.
Hey to the 'knights'. Hope that cabled mitten is going well. I'm expecting a photo. Kudos to you for giving it the ol'college try.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could write and be as funny as you! bid

Anonymous said...

Aim Dog - as always cute stuff. Cute pic of Woo-Woo. Johanna