Wednesday, July 11, 2007

JULY 11th

Just a note to tell of a few projects that I can cross of my list. I've finished frogging the RL sweater from the Goodwill. WOW what a project. I would not recommend it for anyone unless it's the last cotton yarn on the planet. WTF was I thinking?

I've almost finished the shrug. I only have to block it and sew the side seams. It turned out okay, but I'll never use Debbie Bliss Cathay again. Twisted sister. I finally solved the problem, while finishing the ribbing, by placing two rubber bands around the skein so that I could drop it to untwist it every few yards - or every yard.

Photos to follow soon.

New projects on the horizon - more ISU sweaters, and after that I'm undecided. I'm still working on more dishclothes.

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