Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Cotton/Fiery Bolero

Here's more dish cloths - for a woman that I work with. Well, her mother actually. They're from the Mason Dixon book, easy and fun to make.

Here's the first skein (of 5) on the Fiery Bolero. It's going well, the pattern in pretty easy but the yarn twists on itself and it's kind of a pain the @#$. It looks good to the non-knitter. It's a gift for Kristin.

Here's a sweater that I bought at Goodwill for $3.50. I'm frogging it, now that's a lot of cotton (Ralph Lauren) for just over 3 bucks. AND a lot of work. The sleeves were easy, but the front and back were made as one piece and it's a little more challenging. More photos to follow.

A little non-knitter's note - Evan went to soccer camp at Creighton this past week. He loved it (and it gave me LOTS of knitting time). Cece and Will had to amuse themselves and they played on the Bluejay and rode bikes in their new 'sneaks'. Couldn't resist a cute photo.

Sorry - turn your head here - it's still cute.


Biddy said...

Good pics!! What is the item that you are making Kristin?

Rodrigo said...

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