Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nuttin' But Cotton and Flowers

Here's the long awaited pics from NYC. We must of course start with a knitting photo. Here's to adding to the stash . . . see anything you like (biddy)? The black is already spoken for - a shrug for Kristin.

And a few of the flowers from the city.

and a great photo of sarah and justin.


Anonymous said...

WOW--Great pics....You know I love all kinds of yarn. LOVE the flowers just as much. Biddy

Anonymous said...

That shrug is going to be so H-O-T! I'll have to wear it to the next appointment with Dr. R. It would've come in handy that night at McAleer's with the cute firemen, too. : )

And the young lovers are just way too cute. Remember..."what happens in Hell's Kitchen, stays in Hell's Kitchen." XOXO, Cocktail