Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back Into the Swing of Things

Catholic school, uniforms, first day of school photos taken outside when everyone is squinting. Priceless.

We're getting back to the 'back to school' routine - sort of. Evan is playing soccer and Cece and Will play micro soccer. We're busy and enjoying it.

The Lowe's visited during the Labor Day weekend. We had a good time. Biddy and I did a little yarn shopping and came upon many a good deal. At least that's what we told Tom and Dave. What they don't know . . .

I've been trying, without much satisfaction, to rearrange my 'yarn closet'. I think I need professional help. Bottom line, I have too much yarn and too little space to store it in. Maybe when Evan moves to college I'll take over his room, that may be enough space. Maybe.

I'll post a few photos - various ones, not much on the knitting needles except those ISU sweaters. They're coming along.

Cece's sixth celebration (say that 5 times fast). Her birthday was great. Thank you all for the gifts - until you're more formally thanked by Cece herself.

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Anonymous said...

Great first day pics. Johanna