Sunday, August 17, 2008

The End of Summer

The end of summer is near. Things are about to change in the Lounsberry house. I've taken a full time position at the hospital. Meet your new surgery scheduler. I'll be working 10am-6:30pm M-F. Everyone will be in school all day and then go to the after-school care until Dave picks them up at 5pm. I'm excited to do something new and to have evenings and weekends off.

Soccer is going full steam ahead. Evan is playing on 2 teams. Cece and Will each play and Dave is the coach of Cece's team. We're going to be busy and I'm going to knit a lot. The knitting keeps me from being a complete freak during the soccer games - screaming and yelling needs to be kept to a minimum and knitting helps.

Okay, here's what I've completed since the last post. A February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman. You might remember my previous post about how much trouble I was having. Well, it's done and damn cute too! I made a pair of Saartje's Booties to match. They're cute too. Hopefully, the sweater will fit a baby (yes, again, I knit with not recipient in mind) at the same time the booties will. Judging only with my mother experience, the sweater seems small and the booties big. Here comes my mantra. . . "Oh, Well."

I also finished Cece's room. It was the one thing, other than knitting, that I wanted to accomplish before school started again in the fall. Check these photos out. The handles on the dresser have since been repainted a chocolate brown - it's all complete now. The circles are so cool - they're static decals from Lowe's, 5 for $10. Quite the eye catching detail.

The ISU sweater count is a a mere 2 1/2. I've got to get going on those. That's what I'm going to concentrate on. Never mind all the other things I want to make...


Anonymous said...

once again YOU ARE AMAZING....the color of CECE's room is sooo cool

the sweat and mary jane's are too cute. love the matching buttons!

i need a bathroom painted...any color suggestions?!

Also, on a yarn note, I would like to go to Coralville to Crazy Girl Yarn shop or to Norwalk--there's a new yarn store there. I did not make it this summer. I need to learn how to get to norwalk. Can't be to far. Off to see Garrison Keiller tonight, Rich is so excited that somebody will go!

On a kid note, Andy cleaned his room and has shorts and jeans--too many to count that do not fit. Should I save them for you?

talk tomorrow

Anonymous said...

that would be SWEATER and Mary Jane's are too cute


Anonymous said...

Amy and Cece - cool room! Put the 1st day school pics on the next blog.


Mary said...

The sweater and booties are adorable. Love the buttons!

Anonymous said...

Aim, the soon to be surgery scheduler....with NO weekends...
Did you see that Susan B Anderson commented on Libby's FLS?

Maybe she will notice yours deserves special recognition