Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day - Paddy O'Knitty

Just got back from the LYS (that's local yarn store - for you non-knitters out there). Picked up some yummy cotton in ecru and white (not the Lion Brand organic that I've been after) for Sara's bathmat. Can't wait to start.

Erin's sweater is coming along nicely, striping is working out great. I'll have a photo to share soon.

Projects on the horizon? Baby hats for the gift shop at work, maybe even a money-making (not profit making) venture for me. We'll see.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day - especially all of you out there who can count themselves among the few, the proud, the St. Patrick's graduates - or almost graduates (Andy). Everyone remember the St. Pat's carnival, voting with pennys for the King and Queen. Go Knights.

peace and green thoughts


Anonymous said...

I got Vista to work. Thank you very much. It only took 2 days. Thanks Dave for the advice to load it. (Just kidding!).

Your site is freakin' amazing. Biddy is going to try to keep up with you!

~Tommy Boy

Anonymous said...

I rememver the carnival - Jimmy Paulson and I won King and Queen of St. Patricks in second grade.


Anonymous said...

I've seen her stash. It is not pretty.


Biddy said...

Todd Flammery and I won in 8th grade. What a dork! Biddy

Biddy said...

sorry, that was Todd Flannery.

Biddy said...

Amy, by the way, the did NOT plat "Tiny Bubbles" at the rollerskating rink last night.

Biddy said...

Amy, can i get the bib pattern? Biddy