Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here's Sarah's bath mat - it became a bit of a bath carpet. The border really seemed to make it so much bigger. Optical illusion? Maybe. Anyway it was fun to knit and may serve a true purpose IF it fits in her bathroom.What's next, you may be asking yourself, or you may NOT be asking yourself. I think it's going to be the baby kimono from MDK, again with cotton, Sugar 'n Cream. It's raining here so what else could I do to fill my time.


Biddy said...

Aim, is there a way to find a pattern according to what kind of yarn I have already. Instead of using a pattern and then getting the yarn how about knowing the yarn already and find a pattern to fit that yarn? I am NUTS! Bid Perferably an on-line, free pattern.

Anonymous said...

Aim D.

My bath mat looks great. A perfect fit AND matching colors. Thanks. I can't wait for you to see my flat...ha ha. Good to see you this weekend. How did your knitting inservice/party/gathering go today. Brunch was fun, I ate way too much as always. Talk to you soon. love, sjh

Anonymous said...

Biddy won't make me a thong.....will you?


susan b anderson said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for the kind comments on itty-bitty hats and I am glad you are enjoying it.

The page 81 sweater on the bear is a pattern I made up for an 18 inch doll. You can find free doll patterns online and then you can add the rosebuds around the collar.

I plan on writing that up for my blog at some point as a free pattern but I don't know when I will get to it.
best, susan anderson