Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer of '09 Begins

It's been a long time since I posted anything on this blogsite. March? Really, Amy let's put some effort into it. Okay, so here's what we've been up to. Soccer and baseball. These past couple of months have been hectic, we had 4 soccer teams and 1 baseball team to follow. We're now down to 2 baseball teams - summer brings a less-hectic schedule. And yes, I know I do it to myself by signing them up. Kids need sports - activities, something they can feel good about. I'm now stepping down from my soapbox.

Let's talk knitting - that's a lot more fun. Okay, I've been knitting a lot since March. I made another hat or two and then switched to knitting for babies. Anyone who follows this blog (and I laugh at typing 'follows this blog') knows that I'm constantly making ISU sweaters - in the past few months I've made 28 plus 7 more that are yet to be 'monogrammed'.

Here's the photos, take a look then I'll discuss -
This is a pocket hat I made in Creighton colors - Evan wanted something that would hold his little IPOD shuffle. Cute hat - bad embroidered "C". Next time. . .


Now for some non-hat projects, a sweater and matching Ribbons Hat from Susan B. Anderson. I gifted this set to Jenny Howard so that she could give it to a friend with a new baby girl. Made from Cotton Ease from the yarn closet.

Next up a baby bunting, again gifted to Jenny Howard for a baby gift. Pink and white cotton ease from the closet.
I had A LOT of trouble making the button holes match up to the buttons while also making the stripes come together correctly. It was made from my favorite Cotton Ease (you'll see a theme here).

I made a little raglan sweater from yarn that I'd purchased in NYC a long time ago. I gave this little set to Sarah for Roger's first nephew. Yes, Sarah and Roger are still going together and soon . . . who knows.
I also made these cute little booties - what a set.

I also made this little sweater because my Dad asked me to make something for someone he works with who just had a baby boy - and it's Cotton Ease too!

Last but not least the second Clara dress. This time Berroco Comfort cotton/acrylic mix? I've had this yarn since September - and I remember that because Biddy bought it for me, thanks Bid. Lot's of photos.
and a little editing of the photo for the last shot

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