Monday, November 17, 2008

I Don't Want Yarn for My Birthday

First, I've completed all of the teacher gifts for Christmas, the BYOB (check ravelry or knitty), and 2 hats from the Shall I Knit You a Hat book. All turned out great - even though my first plan was to make three BYOBs. WAY too much seed stitch. The hat/book idea came from my knitting mentor, Susan B. Anderson. I made them complete with fleece for a nice, warm hat (even though they probably won't be worn outside). The yarn that I chose was even like the color of the hat in the book. Lucky me, well stocked yarn closet comes in handy again. The photos - aren't Cece and Will cute? I practically had to beat Will to get a decent picture, he's constantly goofing around. Come on, knitting photos are serious business.

Remember the Better Bucket Hat from the last post? We'll this weekend, it was completely frogged and re-knit into the Better,Better Bucket Hat and I LOVE it. I seriously ranks up there with one of the best FOs. The match of yarn to pattern was perfect, again that yummy Malabrigo. It's like knitting with butter. I went with the Better, Better Bucket because the brim needed to be wider and the pattern was perfect. The button that I got from the Dollar Tree was, yes, only $1, and again it's perfect. Mom said that she liked my hat after seeing my post - wait until she sees the BB and feels that yarn. The hat is hers - for her 65th birthday. I can't wait to give it to her.

One more photo for a little mood lighting - I could have used some cropping/editing of the photo - see the flowered chair in the background, oops.

I've got an 'order' for 55 ISU sweaters - holy knitting Batman that's a lot of sweaters. I've got 3 more dish clothes to make for a total of 15. I've got 2 sweaters on my mind (yarn secured), and the Plum Blossom mittens.
Here's some great news, I'm teaching Trisha at work to knit. I hope she enjoys it even 10% as much as I do - we'll never be at a loss for things to talk about. Go Trisha - knit that dish cloth, learn that knit stitch!
Last but not least it was Will's 6th birthday last week. Here's a true story. He woke up from a nightmare crying and came into my room on the night before his birthday. When I asked him what was wrong he said, "I don't want yarn for my birthday". No kidding, a yarn nightmare. I assured him that I wouldn't give him yarn for his birthday and he fell back to sleep. Me? I cracked up, couldn't wait to share the story with my sister Biddy, and fellow knitters. Here's Will and our signature sign (a tradition from Jane).


Anonymous said...

A couple of questions,
1. where is the new pattern for the better, better bucket hat?
2. how did you get the kid to model the hats?
3. where is the picture of a chair? I did not see one in the background.
4. Who are the pointy hats for?
5 Can i use the hat pattern book?

I did send Will a little yarn for his birthday, I hope he didn't mind. Love the hats!! CUTE need the bucket pattern, please, have yarn must knit. Tonight at Tuesday knitght knitters, we will be having an A/V demo of your blog and the art of taking pics of knitted items. but mostly, how to beat kids so they will model the items!

this is a little more than a comment, more of a short story.
but i do love how you write and take pics....wish i could knit as good as you and as FAST
Why is Jane excused?

Anonymous said...

Aim Dog - great pics and stories. Love the hats. Hanna