Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Must Digress

I just finished RUNNING for 31 min. on the treadmill. I had some random thoughts while running today, which, by the way is only the second time I've ever ran that long. I'm used to walking for up to an hour but running is somehow mentally different. Okay, so my thoughts . . .
running for runners (which i will probably never categorize myself as) is like knitting to knitters. it's mentally and physically taxing. while I was running i thought how exciting it is to finish at a particular time or distance. It's fun to talk about it to other people who run. I wanted to get off that treadmill and call someone. I want to do the same thing when I acquire new yarn/patterns/technique. my sisters (each for different reasons are the ones i want to call). this lead my to another random thought, cece has no sisters - who will she call?
i'm going to keep running on that treadmill thanks to the howards and i'm going to keep having random thoughts. i actually thought about running outside and it makes me a little nervous. that's my next hurdle, like cables, intarsia, or 2-handed knitting, you must learn something with every project.
since January? but surely since February i've learned that i can move more and eat less, i can find the time to both walk/run and knit. sarah and johanna thanks for the encouragement, biddy thanks for being able to share knitting (my FAVORITE OBSESSION) with me. i'm rambling and tearing up, maybe that's what those endorphins do to ya'.
but i digress...

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Elizabeth J Lowe said...

Have you thought about writting a "random thoughts" book? it would make everybody laugh, cry and laugh again. by the way we can discuss walking too....i just don't do it enough !!

love ya